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Feedback from our school talks

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Emma.  She is such a dynamic person with loads of knowledge and a stunning personality to go with it – very engaging with her audience.”


Wow – I joined you for the talk you did at my sons’ school last Thursday and was completely blown away by what you had to say!  I have been to quite a few talks at schools over the years but have to say that those 2 hours were the best 2 hours spent at a school talk!!! I have two boys at the junior school (Grade 7 and Grade 2), so your talk really opened my eyes to what is yet to come.  I am so pleased that I am now armed with more information – and your book – before our boys enter the world of smartphones and social media!”


 “Emma is hilarious and petrifying in equal amounts which makes her perfect for talking to boys – I organized her to talk at our school last year, it started off with lots of laughs, but towards the end you could hear a pin drop”


My daughters were fortunate to have Emma speak at their school about 3 years ago. They are now almost 11 and 14 and still talk about what they learnt. They also both also signed Emma’s contract regards screen time and how they use their devices! (iPads included). Very very grateful for all these resources!!!”


“Emma got her point across in a humorous yet very sincere way with regards the consequences of inappropriate posting on social media. She pitched the level just right so that the young and old got the message.”


“What a wonderful and informative workshop you presented tonight! We know that parents are concerned about this “new age” problem and you have certainly provided insight for them.”


Thank you so much to Carla for the insightful presentation, the staff and pupils loved the way she presented. All the information will definitely stick with them for quite a while.”


It was a great pleasure having Sarah Hoffman address our parent body, staff and visiting teachers.The talk was informative and we all took home the important information that could be discussed with our children. While her message had moments of being heavy, Sarah’s humour and friendly nature enabled the audience to laugh at themselves and the predicaments that people have found themselves. I highly recommend Sarah to speak at schools to tell her important message.”

Feedback from our Corporate Talks

“Emma was absolutely amazing and our guests thoroughly enjoyed her presentation – they were happy for her to carry on talking all afternoon!!”


Please thank Emma for her amazing talk with our team. I have had great feedback from the attendees and have requests to extend this to more people within the company.”


What an amazing evening! The feedback on the evening and your presentation and knowledge of social media has been phenomenal. Our clients found the discussions very insightful and relevant to their organisations and equally to their personal lives. Thank you for making it absolutely memorable for our clients, and we hope you enjoyed the evening with us as much as we did with you.”

Book testimonials

“Fantastic book. We read it during the holiday! EVERY teen and parent should read it!”


“My teen devoured the book as did I. Excellent advice and so beautifully written. “

 “My daughter got her first phone when she turned 13 on 1st Jan. The phone came with a copy of this book – forewarned is forearmed. Great book Emma! “


“I feel I need to say thank you for this.  It talks about the stuff I deal with every day”


“I just wanted to thank you for writing the book Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones. You came and spoke at my high school and really inspired me, so after the talk you gave, I begged my parents to buy me your new book andIi read it and it opened my eyes and knowledge about social media.”