School talks on the legal, disciplinary and reputational risks of social media

Cyberbullying, sexting, revenge pornography, screen addiction, stranger danger are just some of the issues students face in the digital age. This talk educates school students, teachers and parents on how to avoid the risks inherent to social media use, and more fundamentally, how to use social media well.

The Digital Law Company does not advocate that children come off social media entirely and avoid all screens. Instead, we aim to educate children so that they use this technology well. This talk can be customised for students, teachers and/or parents.

For school students:

In this talk, we explain the legal and disciplinary consequences that children can face for their online activities; we teach children how to best set up their platforms and devices to keep themselves safe; discuss the key platforms in some detail; and educate children as to how to build their “digital CV”.

A specific age appropriate versions of this talk are offered for younger children so as to best adapt the content to the audience. Recommended audience grouping for this talk is:

  • Grades 3-4
  • Grades 5-7
  • Grades 7 and up

For parents:

With parents we cover similar ground but further discuss how parents can best protect their children; help them to build their digital CVs and set them up to benefit from their digital life. They also discuss the responsibilities of parents in the digital age, detailing not only safety factors, but also health issues that need to be considered with the use of this technology.

For teachers:

Similarly we approach teachers with all of the issues above, but also cover the courses of action open to the school in instances of social media incidents, and detail specifically when these incidents need to be pursued through other channels. We also discuss what is expected of the school in cases of cyberbullying, revenge pornography etcetera.

School talks are available in English and Afrikaans. 

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