As a parent, buying your child his/her first smartphone is extremely daunting. How do you ensure that your child doesn’t get into trouble online? How do you ensure that your child isn’t using the phone at all hours of the day and night? How do you keep a eye on what your child is doing online without invading his/her privacy?

At the Digital Law Company, we get asked these questions by anxious parents all the time, and have decided to make your job a little easier:

Our view is that having a cell phone is not a constitutional right –  it is a privilege. As parents and the providers of cell phones, you are perfectly entitled to lay down some ground rules in terms of how and when a phone may and may not be used. We have therefore created this downloadable smartphone contract for teenagers, for parents to use when giving your child a smartphone. This is a fabulous tool to raise awareness with your child on how things can go wrong and to set out some fundamental ground rules and expectations.

Download our Smartphone Contract for Teenagers HERE

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