The Legal, Disciplinary and Reputational Risks of Social Media

All adults, regardless of their profession, are confronted by issues relating to social media every single day. This talk is suitable for conferences, businesses, sportspeople, professional organisations, and brand ambassadors and has universal relevance. 

This presentation tackles the following important issues:

  • The social media landscape in South Africa;
  • The legal considerations of using social media, including defamation, privacy, hate speech and intellectual property;
  • Business confidentiality in a world of oversharing;
  • Managing brand reputation on social media;
  • Confidentiality and insider trading risks/offences;
  • Straddling the personal/professional divide on social media;
  • Employment law issues;
  • Safety on the internet:
  • Personal reputation management on social media; and
  • Twitter disclaimers (“tweets are not endorsements”, “I tweet in my personal capacity” etc.)

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