Digital Kids

Brain development, addiction, sleep deprivation, mental health, attention, exam success… What are the biggest health concerns around screen time and social media?

This talk primarily deals with the health concerns regarding screen-time and social media, and focuses on how best to use digital media for educational purposes.

It is suitable for children, their parents or their teachers. It covers addiction, sleep deprivation, mental health issues, recommendations for screen-use and potential long term effects on learning, attention and exam-success in children.

Children will learn about the risks to their health and concentration, and ways in which they can begin to tackle this. Addiction to screens and gaming will be discussed to raise awareness of this common and poorly recognised issue.

Parents will be further informed about how best to protect their children and what to look out for in terms of signs and symptoms of the various issues.

With teachers specific study techniques and strategies will be discussed along with all of the topics mentioned above.

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